VOP for Business Owners

Why-VOPThe Value Opportunity Profile® (“VOP®”) is a proprietary process designed to help companies better understand their relative strengths and weaknesses, which weaknesses are constraining growth and profitability, and what impact they could make on the overall value of the company by eliminating the weaknesses in a methodical manner. Developed to assist companies with revenues from $5M – $300M, the VOP® can help companies to double, or even triple their values over a 2–5-year period. Read about our process.


Running Your Company to Work for YOU

You run a relatively successful company–great customers, great suppliers, excellent employees, but you often wonder “could my company be more successful?” What’s holding back my growth in revenue or profitability? Are there weaknesses in my company that I might not know about? Or, I know there are weaknesses in my company, but I’m not sure how to get my arms around them. How should they be prioritized? What impact would it have if I addressed them? Would it help me grow? Would it help me be more profitable? Would it help me get easier access to capital? Would it help me have less stress? Would it help me be more valuable as a company? How would I even know where to start or whom to ask for help?

It’s too much to think about, given all your day-to-day challenges of running the business, so you never take action. Ultimately, you leave more than half of the company’s potential value on the table when the time comes to exit or transfer ownership.

Welcome to the dilemma of the 80+% of business owners whose companies are not sellable today at the outcome, to have a total handle on all the areas of your business that need improvement, and to know how, when, by whom, at what cost, and with what impact, such improvements can be made.  You’ll run your business to work for you, instead of your business running you to work for it.

 Our unique process begins with the Value Opportunity Profile (VOP), our global award-winning assessment technology that is now being adopted by national consulting firms across the U.S. We’ll spend a day with you and your management team and deliver a comprehensive assessment of your company’s overall strengths and balance, baseline value, and roadmap of recommendations that could lead to a doubling or tripling of your company’s value. We’ll craft a customized implementation plan with you and support your improvement initiatives as long as you need us. We are the trusted advisor that you’ve been looking for.


To learn more about the VOP®, contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.