VOP for Business Advisors

What-VOPThe VOP combines the expertise of seasoned business valuators, M&A due diligence teams, and turnaround consultants, into one powerful toolset, providing a market-validated, scalable, and highly efficient process of maximizing a company’s long-term enterprise value. Gaining a broad and deep understanding of a client’s business has never been easier, and generating a detailed roadmap to enhance client growth and profitability potential is now at the advisor’s fingertips.

Most Private Business Owners never come close to maximizing business value. The VOP® is a platform that will enable your firm to evolve to the next generation, from being purely retrospective and/or compliance focused to becoming prospective and strategic focused. We believe most professional advisors leave more than half of their market potential on the table, by not helping companies to understand how to build value, and the VOP® is the platform to help capture that market opportunity.

The VOP® does not replace your advisory practice expertise, it makes your expertise better.

The VOP® will identify, prioritize, and address the company-specific risks that are depressing value and obstructing long-term sustainable growth. Using the VOP® in your client engagement will effectively and efficiently roadmap value improvement initiatives, improving sustainable growth capability and/or transaction/financing outcome.

  • The VOP® provides a standard process establishing enhanced credibility with your client by way of understanding their business more comprehensively, beyond accounting and finance functions
  • The VOP® provides visibility of outcome and ROI for any contemplated initiative, motivating the business owner to take action on implementing improvement initiatives
  • The VOP® can generate additional profit centers by the creation of new advisory revenue streams
  • The VOP® improves client relationships, distinguishing your business reputation, unlocking more client opportunities

To learn more about the VOP®, contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions. If you think you’re ready to take the next step, earn your CVGA credential.