The Value Opportunity Profile® Overview

The Questionnaire consists of a series of question sets with easy drop-down answers. The answers then flow through a program of proprietary algorithms which generate the following results for your company, among others:

Overall Quality Profile
Overall Quality Profile is an assessment of each of the 8 core categories and 47 subcategories, based on the answers to the questionnaire. It provides a visual graph of how well-developed each category is compared to an ideal company. Below is a sample Quality Profile.
Quality Score
Overall Risk Profile
Overall Risk Profile provides an assessment of how the company might be viewed by a potential lender, investor, or buyer, from a risk standpoint. This is important because it will directly impact the value that such an outside party would place on the company, or whether the party would be willing to execute a transaction with the company at any value. A sample Risk Profile appears below.
Risk Score points
Existing Business Value
Existing Business Value provides an estimate of the Intrinsic Value of the business today, which is intended to be used as a baseline for driving and measuring future value. Intrinsic value is a measure of a company’s inherent value, based on its risk-adjusted historical and future cash flows, and without regard to so called “comparable company” values or transactions. Intrinsic value is believed by many to be the best measure of a company’s value.
Existing Business Value, sample VOP overview
Roadmap to Maximizing Value
Roadmap to Maximizing Value provides a customized and prioritized plan for the company to follow in order to maximize its value in the future. The Roadmap addresses each subcategory separately and specifies what should be addressed in order to reach full effectiveness. A sample Roadmap item is presented below.

Value Opportunity
Value Opportunity provides the estimated incremental value that the company could generate if it successfully executed all of the customized Roadmap that is generated. It is the result of having a balanced organization, properly positioned to support long-term, sustainable, profitable growth.
Value Opportunity

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