About Our Process

The Value Opportunity Profile® consists of a proprietary Questionnaire, which covers 8 Primary Categories and 47 subcategories of business operations. The 8 primary categories, designed to create a balanced and efficient enterprise, positioned to support long-term, sustainable, profitable growth, are as follows:

  • Planning
  • Sales
  • People
  • Finance


  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Legal
The questionnaire is completed by choosing answers to each question from a drop-down list. Additionally, you will be asked to complete a table of summary-level historical and projected financial information. The answers to the questionnaire and the financial information all flow through a series of proprietary algorithms that we have developed over several years. The results include the following:

  1. Quantitative assessment of each subcategory, each primary category, and for the company in total;
  2. Qualitative assessment of each subcategory, each primary category, and for the company in total;
  3. Risk profile for the company in total;
  4. Estimated cost of equity, cost of debt, and recommended capital structure;
  5. Estimated current intrinsic value of the total Company and its equity value;
  6. The “Roadmap to Maximizing Value” – recommended initiatives to strengthen the company in each subcategory based on 3 levels:
    • Level 1 to PROTECT the company from risks that could threaten its viability;
    • Level 2 to ENHANCE the company’s existing core operations, and;
    • Level 3 to POSITION the company for long-term, sustainable, profitable, growth;
  7. Dashboard for “what if?” analysis, providing instant feedback on the impact on quality, risk, and value, of completing any of the recommended initiatives;

The Value Opportunity™ measures the incremental value that the company could create at its existing level of sales and profitability by completing the entire Roadmap of initiatives, reducing its risk, and improving the quality of the company.

To learn more about the VOP®, contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions. If you think you’re ready to take the next step, earn your CVGA credential.