Valuation Firms

The VOP® adds substance and credibility to valuation fieldwork in determining company-specific-risk (CSR). The VOP® dynamically links “CSR” assessment to the income approach, providing “what if” capability and provides an added component to the valuation report in the Roadmap to Maximizing Business Value®.

The VOP® transitions valuation from being purely retrospective and compliance focused to becoming prospective and strategic focused, generating significant new advisory opportunities through value added engagements, helping the client build quantifiable future value.

Chris Mellen, ASA, MCBA, CVA, CM&AA

President, Delphi Valuation Advisors, Inc.
“When business owners hire appraisers, their objective is typically to answer the question ‘what?’ – ‘What is the value of my company?’ However, the business appraiser’s job is really to be able to effectively answer the question ‘why?’ – ‘Why is the value of my company what you say it is?’ In focusing on company-specific risk, with over 400 questions for business owners and their advisors to consider, the VOP® software is an effective tool to help answer the question ‘why?’ and help provide direction in maximizing value.”