Turnaround Management

It is no secret that the turnaround industry has changed in recent years, and is unlikely to return to the days when multitudes of companies readily engaged turnaround professionals to help them through the challenges of under-performing, re-engineering, or refinancing. Today, for a variety of reasons, most companies that could benefit by the expertise of a turnaround professional never undertake a turnaround process until it is too late. At that point, the process becomes a bankruptcy or liquidation, rather than an operational turnaround. Since bankruptcies and liquidations represent a whole separate specialization within the turnaround industry, many turnaround professionals are left wondering how they can redeploy their broader talents in new avenues for growth.

The Value Opportunity Profile® provides a standardized and scalable means of using your turnaround talents to help even healthy companies improve their operations and mitigate the business risks that could cause them to become distressed. In effect, the VOP® dramatically expands the target client base that can benefit from your expertise to include virtually any middle market company, rather than only distressed companies. Additionally, non-distressed companies present a greater long term opportunity for you to build new revenue streams because they have greater ability to invest in maximizing their growth potential and overall value. The VOP® is your platform for developing this new market focus.