Exit Planning Professionals

The VOP® is a comprehensive, proactive, sell side due diligence platform.  The VOP  principles of identifying and mitigating risk to increase enterprise value are used in the certification courses for the Exit Planning Institute’s CEPA program and often with the Pinnacle Equity Solutions CBEC program, emphasizing the importance of maximizing business value and transaction readiness.

There are common misconceptions among business owners on how to build value in their businesses, including often adopted strategies that actually erode value. The VOP will help exit planners develop processes to ensure that their clients businesses are properly prepared for an exit at the highest potential value.

Integrating the VOP® into the exit planning process can generate significant new revenue streams, more substantial meaningful engagements that will establish deeper client relationships, opportunities to collaborate with other professionals, and elevate your practices to new heights.


Sean P. Hutchinson, Chief Executive Officer – Strategic Value Advisors, Inc.

“Our company’s Extreme Value Creation (XVC™) program depends on a highly-structured, empirical approach. The Value Opportunity Profile® is a fundamental part of our process and creates an infrastructure for the principles that underpin the XVC™ program. I’ve worked with hundreds of high-growth and distressed businesses in my career and have always wanted a platform that combines quantitative and qualitative methods so my clients can better understand the possible impact of their decisions on value. The VOP® is the only tool I’ve used that helps us convert complex business issues into an understandable, actionable, effective and high-velocity value creation plan.”