Accounting Firms

The VOP® is a platform of standardization, streamlining a process to improve knowledge of the client’s business, more holistically, with the confidence of a proven and repeatable process. This value added approach, beyond accounting and finance functions, enhances client relationship and retention forming long term loyalty.

The VOP® distinguishes your firm in an increasingly commoditized industry generating new profit centers, while maximizing business value and ROI for your client.

From an article written for CEO Profiles, August 5, 2015
DB: “That’s an oversimplification but I think the CPA who will prosper in the future is someone who thinks strategically. The thriving CPA or firm will be the one that helps navigate around pot holes, icebergs and other literal and figurative hurdles.”
CEO Profiles: “Can you share an example of what you’re describing? What would this kind of CPA be doing to fight the threat of irrelevance?”
DB:”One great example is the use of a tool developed and delivered by Corporate Value Metrics. Their Value Opportunity Profile or VOP allows the astute accountant to visualize for the client business what the path to their targets in the years ahead needs to look like right down to the strategic implementations around the plan. By taking part in that discussion, the accountant becomes far more of an advisor to the client. They know they have an accounting firm and valued partner in lock step with their vision. The accountant then works their way up the value ladder and earns revenue for delivering tangible results that are reflected in the company’s success.”
Dan Brooks, CEO, The Rainmaker Companies.

Assurance Services: The VOP® doesn’t replace your audit process, it makes your audit practice better

  • Provides enhanced knowledge of client’s business in a more holistic approach compared to standard audit processes
  • Identifies risks in the qualitative factors that drive financial results
  • Positions the auditor in a business development role for other advisory services

Valuation Services: The VOP® doesn’t replace your valuation process, it makes your valuation process better

  • Adds substance and credibility to valuation fieldwork in determining company-specific risk
  • Provides an added value component to the valuation report in the Roadmap to Maximizing Business Value®
  • Converts valuation from a retrospective compliance-focus to prospective strategic-focus, creating new advisory opportunities

Business Advisory / Transition Services: The VOP® doesn’t replace your Business Advisory services, it makes your Business Advisory services more dynamic.

  • Maximizes client’s transaction-readiness by identifying potential due diligence issues and recommending improvements
  • Identifies risk and underdeveloped operations beyond accounting and finance focus
  • Positions client for long-term sustainable growth and maximum value


Bob Jensen, Partner & Duane M. Tyler, Partner

RSM – RSM Center for Business Transition
“The RSM Center for Business Transition uses the VOP® as a platform to diagnose the readiness of a company to consider major transitional alternatives.  The VOP® platform helps ownership, and its management, consider how the intrinsic value of the company can be improved by identifying both risks and opportunities, and suggest a definitive improvement implementation plan in the form of a Roadmap.  What is also very important about the VOP® platform, it weighs heavily on both financial and non-financial management elements.  It’s a platform with good balance”.