Corporate Value Metrics

CVM_logoCorporate Value Metrics was founded on the belief that most private business owners never come close to maximizing the value of their businesses, purely because they aren’t aware of the many factors that drive business value in the eyes of potential investors or acquirers .

Recently, several renowned experts conducted research that examined the differences in business values between public and private companies. They found that, on average, a public company with no debt might be worth five times the value of a “comparable” private company. At Corporate Value Metrics, we recognize why, and we know how to help you close the gap.

When companies prepare to go public, they are guided to undergo many fine-tuning changes to maximize their value upon entering the public markets. Some of the changes are mandated by laws and regulations, while others are purely part of market expectations. All of the improvements, however, are designed to minimize the risks of investing in that company which, in turn, maximize value.

We decided that business owners shouldn’t have to go public in order to get the guidance they need to maximize their business value. They should have a dedicated resource available to them as private companies, so no matter what corporate transactions they decide to pursue, or when they decide to pursue them, they can do so from a position of maximum value and strength. We created Corporate Value Metrics to be that dedicated resource.

Our primary tool, the Value Opportunity Profile®, provides a cost effective way to identify, prioritize, and implement initiatives that will maximize your business value over the next 3 to 5 years; a Road-Map to Maximizing Business Value. That’s only the beginning, though. To further support your efforts, we have developed a full suite of guides and articles to provide the “HOW-TOs” of implementing the initiatives that are identified through the Value Opportunity Profile.

In the end, it’s all about you, and how you can maximize the value of your business, possibly increasing its value by 2X-3X, or more, over a several year period. In today’s economic environment, those types of gains are hard to generate. We hope you take advantage of your Value Opportunity, and we hope you find this website to be as helpful and as value-driving as we intend it to be.

Please visit often, and do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas, comments, suggestions, or so we can be of any assistance.